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  • Computers have changed the way most of us work.  They have also resulted in a significant increase in the amount of eyestrain many people experience at work and at home.  This is so significant a problem it has been given it's own name ... Computer Vision Syndrome

    If you suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome you are likely to benefit from eyeglasses with lenses specifically designed to enhance vision at the computer.  These lenses are also helpful for other task such as music, drafting, and other midrange tasks.

  • Freeman Eyecare has a large selection of top quality frames in all styles.  Our board certified opticians can help you in selecting the very best frames for you needs.

  • Get a quick overview fo the types of eyeglass frames and lenses available to you.
  • New State of the Art No Line Glasses

    Digital lenses by ProFit, Varilux, Sola, Hoya and other top manufacturers.

  • Which frame material is right for you? Learn about the different types of metal and plastic, and the advantages of each.
  • Freeman Eyecare provides a Comprehensive Two Year Warranty on frames and lenses.  Ask our opticians about the details.

  • It's no longer a simple choice between glass and plastic. Today's lenses offer many options to help you see and look your best.
  • One pair of glasses won't suit your every need. Learn about how function-specific eyewear can help with driving and computer use, improve your game and protect your eyes at work and play.